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Website Design & Brand Strategy

Gusto Digital will leave no stone unturned as we work to develop a comprehensive website solution that is effective, visually beautiful, responsive, and scalable to adapt as your business grows. When you have the key strategic pieces with the perfect website design, everything else will begin to fall into place. All pieces of the puzzle will be designed to fit together seamlessly, and care is given to ensure optimal content, SEO, colours, typography, UX, and more, with the most innovative technology available.


WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS for a reason, as it offers simple, modern, and user-friendly websites with powerful plugins. Your website design will be set up for success with a custom theme to bring brand visibility to your Vernon business, along with easy back-end access for future content changes and updates.


Yes, a beautiful visual appearance is important, but the best websites combine beauty with substance. Writing directly to an online audience requires specialised experience and attention to detail, and our team of expert copywriters will deliver exactly what you need. We can write, edit, and proofread your copy to ensure it resonates, creates brand tone consistency, and is SEO-friendly for higher search rankings.  

Shopping & E-Commerce

If your e-commerce store is confusing for customers, they will quickly become frustrated and could potentially go to a competitor’s site instead. The best e-commerce solutions are simple, straightforward, and easy for customers to manage. We will design an open source solution to take your customers from cart to checkout in a few simple steps.


The presence of Google and other search engines has changed the game for small businesses. How can you increase your visibility so that potential customers can find you amid the sea of online competitors? SEO is an important piece of the puzzle, but your site also needs to be built to ensure it is properly indexed by search engines. As part of the IA process, our team will structure your site so that it can be easily found by your target audience.

API Integrations

By powering multiple software applications through API Integrations, your website and all of its data sources will be seamlessly connected to promote operational efficiency. We will ensure all of your connected applications work in harmony together as a cohesive unit to support optimal efficiency within all integrated systems.

logo Design

Think of the most famous company logos – what do they all have in common? They are instantly recognisable around the world, often with just an image.  The best logos are creative, innovative, and represent your brand, style, and tone, all while standing out in the minds of your customers. They can say everything – without saying anything at all. Let our team design a unique visual representation of everything your brand stands for.

Digital Strategy

The digital marketplace is constantly evolving with new technology, new developments, and the latest software applications that are being touted as the next big thing. We help you stay one step ahead of the game so that you’ll never be left in the dust. Our team is quick to adapt to industry trends with scalable solutions that offer ultimate flexibility, and we will create a cost-conscious digital strategy based on our team’s research of the must-haves – while forgoing the trends that will fade away before you know it.

Information Architecture

Your website design’s main goal is to drive traffic, and once that customer traffic materializes, to hold their interest. With well-structured content, you can lead your customers on an engaging journey that will take them exactly where you want them to go, all in a stress-free fashion. If the navigation of your site feels like too much work for your customers, they will quickly leave and are unlikely to return. Our team integrates well-planned Information Architecture into each design to ensure your customers get the user-friendly experience they need.

Style Guide

Consistency is key. And there is no better place to organise and promote that consistency than with a well-executed style guide, providing the ultimate source of company identity and branding information. In order to promote your brand as a compelling organisation both internally and externally, we’ll help you create a detailed style guide that will point you toward profitability.

Brand Strategy

A company doesn’t become an overnight sensation, and you’d be hard-pressed to find one that ever has. But the most successful companies do know how to use brand strategy to their advantage. They develop, redefine, and reposition their brand to stay on top through a series of long-term strategic goals and initiatives. We’ll help you roll up your sleeves and get to work on a positioning strategy that will create real, measurable results.

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